Morgan Lefay

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About Morgan Lefay

       Yes I am a transsexual, but I am so much more then that, and my journey has lead me to the person I am today. I thought I would give you a little history lesson about my life so you might get to know me a little better.

       I was born and raised in the Parkersburg WV area. I have seen, and been through a lot, and I am still learning new things everyday. I love playing pool, and exploring places that I've never been. I have been doing shows at clubs since I was 18 years old and got my start at a club in Parkersburg called Different Strokes. You can learn more about that on my entertainment page.

      If you have any other question or want to know anything please feel free to ask me.

A little about my past... I was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia and raised out in the country in Waverly WV. I went to Williamstown High school.  My mother and father separated when I was 7 years old.  Soon after, we moved in with her new boyfriend and his family.  I knew I was different in kindergarten because I used to hang out with all the girls instead of the boys.  Back then, you normally hung out with your own gender. 

      Then our family moved in with my stepfathers mothers home.  He was 11 years younger than my mom. There were 11 people within a 3-bedroom trailer.  His mother and stepfather with his 2 brothers, 2 sisters, my mother, step dad and me and my 2 brothers..This is where I met my first love, but you can read more about that in my relationship section.  My family ended up getting our own place not too long after living with his families home.  Speeding things up and missing a lot along the way… 

       In 1990, at a very young age, my mother died in an car accident due in part to my stepfather’s alcoholism or so I was told.  They pulled out of a side road and a logging truck hit them and crushed the car. My step dad survived but my mother did not. I was 13 year old. I ended up getting pasted around to different family members and as a little kid it just seemed no one wanted me and I just did not fit in. At one point I was living with my aunt Michelle and her boyfriend. I ended up messing around with him a few times and he was the third person I ever messed around with.  Not long after, I was shipped to Florida to be looked after by my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Chuck. I stayed there a little over 2 1/2 years.  My Uncle was a preacher at one point in his life and he worked out of town for the most part while I lived there. He was strict and had lots of rules. I had chores to do weekly and I would have been fine with that but if my cousins did not want to do there chores I was made to do there chores as well and If I did not get them done well my aunt would tell my uncle when he came in and I would be taken in to the bedroom and made to look in his eyes as he told me that this was going to hurt him more then it was going to hurt me and then I would get whipped with a belt. I had to scrub the kitchen floor every Sunday with a tooth brush and they said if it was ever clean enough that they would wax it so I could just mop it. Well it must have never been clean enough. I remember having long hair and long finger nails and they decided they were going to have my hair cut off. They took me to some ladies house and did not tell me what was going on until I got there. I cried and screamed and scratched my face up. After we got back home they held me down and cut my finger nails off. Before my mother died she gave me a diary to write in because I think she knew what was going on with me. When I was in Florida I started writing in it often and wrote some very personal things in it. Well I came home one day and could not find it and thought I had lost it at school or scouts or something but I knew with in two weeks what happened to it because I was soon going to therapy but i never told the therapist nothing.  Well, when my dad finally came to get me because I begged him to take me from this place. Well when I was back in West Virginia and I was waiting one day for my first love to come pick me up and I was 16 then. Well my dad said is you boyfriend coming and getting you. I broke down crying because I did not know that my dad knew anything about that part of me. He said it was ok that he loved me either way. He said my aunt sent a copy of my diary to everyone in the family. He went and gave me the copy he had and my aunt had all the personal sexual stuff high lighted. So I went on a quest to find all the copies and i got six back but most of the family threw them away when they got them. I am not saying it was all bad down there. I did learn a lot and they put me in Scouts, NJROTC  and a few other things that I enjoyed doing. They made me eat and try everything on my plate and I will try anything now. My aunt taught me how to sew. I made some great friends and had many fun times. I smoked Cigs when I first got to Florida because I was addicted to them because my mom was a chain smoker. I was headed to the beach one day on my 3 wheel bike and I went across the road and they bounced out of the basket. I did not stop to pick them up and I thought about it that day and asked myself why are you smoking and I just never picked them back up. I met so many people from all over the world down there. I still have a note that me and my teacher passed back and forth in class about all the foreigstudents that year and she was yes it is like the U.N.  But moving on I could go on and on about Florida. 

       Most people wonder why I don't drink and won't do drugs.  Well, it pertains mostly due to my mother’s death.  My mother died as a result of my stepfather drinking and driving. Anyway, I moved back up to West Virginia when I was 16 years old, and moved in with my dad and stepmother, with my 2 half brothers, half sister and my younger brother.  My dad and my step-mom drank beer from the time they got up until they would go to bed.  So whatever we owned, we had to work for or find a way to get.  Their place was always so dirty. So I stayed in a building where you could see through the walls.  I stapled up blankets and we had a wood stove and went to school and took baths in the sink in the bathroom.  We didn't have running water at home so we had to haul water from a well.  Till this day, they still do not have running water.  At school, the teachers would pack a lunch for me and my brother to take home with us.  It would always be waiting for us at our last class of the day. I don't blame my dad for the way things were because my dad and step mom were raised very country and that's how they are. Me and my brother Earl used to drive all over the country and always over to my grandmothers house. She would feed us and let us watch tv and movies. She would have a freezer full of ham and cheese sandwiches waiting for any of the grand kids to stop over. I would go to school and re-sight movies to teachers because I would watch them so much. My all time favorite movie was the Labyrinth with David Bowie.  I do miss my grandmother very much. She just passed away this March 2013. I did get to spend sometime with her in the hospital but not as much as I wish I could have. She was in the hospital so much that I thought she would get to go home in a few days like normal, but it happened so fast her body just could not take it no more.  I will always love her and think about her daily along with my mother. 

        Well anyway as I got older I never hide the fact that I was different and if anyone asked I would be the first to tell them.  I have been threw so much and from dropping out of school, having my aunt and uncle screw me over on a house I was getting off them, family problems, friends good and bad, bar drama, crazy lovers, escorting and so so much more that I will get into more details about in the near future. So keep coming back and thank you for reading. 


       I met my first love when I was 7 years old. My mother and father got a divorce and my mother met a new man and we ended up moving in with his mother , her boyfriend, his 2 brothers and 2 sisters in a 3 bed room trailer. That was not all of his brothers and sisters. That was just the ones still living at home. Well as you could see it was crowded. Well my mother my step dad and my other two brothers had to find a place to sleep. They said me and my younger brother had to sleep in the boys room with his younger brothers on the bunk beds. They asked who we wanted to bunk with. Well I saw @#$% and new that's where I wanted to sleep. @#$% was 14. We ended up messing around that night and many nights there after. I will not go into farther details but I can say I slept with him over the years up until my new boyfriend. @#$% still makes my heart race every time I see him. When I was 13, I ended up living with my aunt and her boyfriend and the reason being was my mother had passed in a bad car wreck. One night my aunt had to go to the hospital, and nothing serious. Me and her boyfriend messed around and a few other times after that. for a few months until I moved to Florida with my other aunt and uncle. 

       I would like to add that messing with my first love i never felt i was molested. He asked and we never had penetration until i was 17 years old. I hate when people say bad things about it. i knew about sex and i knew what I wanted and loved every minute of it. I would never go back and change anything! 

       Not a lot of activity in Florida. I had cousins down there, around the same age. The first couple of days I was there, they had a sleepover and we all camped out back. They all decided to get take there clothes off and run around the neighborhood. All I could see was well lets just say there middle section, just because they were so bronzed from their tans. I had thought, that I had died and gone to Heaven.

       I then moved back from Florida at the age of 16. I reconnected with my first love and while I was away. He had gotten married and had a child. I still ended up messing around with him until the age of 18. When I decided to break it off, since I knew that I could never have him all to myself but reconnected several times over the years.

       Then I started going out to our local gay bar Different Strokes.  I never really messed around with a lot of people but did date some. I did not date anyone until True Colors had come to the area. By that time, I was 21 years old and ended up hooking up with this boy for a year. It ended up being a total disaster, not going into details, sorry!

       Soon after that, I met a boy with whom I spent the next 9 years with. He was in my opinion, "the One". He ended up leaving me after 9 years for someone and I was devastated but afterwards I realized that it was probably the best thing he could have done for me.

       During the last two years I was with him, I met someone and it was a relationship but certainly did not end the way I had hoped. While he is a super nice guy, I just do not believe we have the compatibility to be together.

So, this is what I am looking for in a man. A man who knows how to treat a lady. I want a man to show me a night on the town and who can bring me home to a nice romantic evening. I like tall men, but you don't have to be tall. I guess I like them tall because I like to look up into my mans eyes. I don't mind if you are new to the whole tranny experience and I don't mind if you already know what you want either.

       I am just looking for a man who wants me for who I am. None of us are perfect and we all have a past but I want to work on my future goals. I want a man who is willing to stand beside me when I need him and to catch me when I fall. Am I looking for love? Well yes but who is not? I know it will not happen over a few email and maybe not on a few dates. If it happens, it happens I am sure we will know... For now lets try to have fun and enjoy each others company.

       Well to update a little I have someone in my life right now, and we have been together for 7 years this May. Brandon is not perfect but I am not either. I love him, he loves me, everything else we work through and support each other. I met him at the Nip N Cue pool hall, and he wanted to play me pool. I love beating him even when he lets me win. For now I am happy, and look forward to life with him. We are now Engaged, and making plans for a wedding. We have been through a lot over the past 7 years, had our share of ups and downs. We have moved all over the Parkersburg area, Florida, went on a trip across America and now we are living in New Orleans LA to start a new life as well as move closer to some of my best friends. I am loving it here and getting to know the area real well. I finally stopped using the GPS to get from point A to point B. I even have a job working at Michael's Craft Store on top of doing shows.