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Parkersburg LGBT Questionnaire Results.

Posted by talentedmorganlefay on June 7, 2016 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Warning somethings maybe offencive to some people. Nothing has been edited. 

What does Parkersburg LGBT mean to you?

(Morgan Lefay’s thoughts) Parkersburg LGBT mean to me community coming together, working together for a future for all our young LGBT youth. We should be setting stones for them to build upon and setting an example. Our LGBT community should not be fighting amongst each other when we still have the rest of the world working against us. We have a large LGBT community here is Parkersburg. If we came together, mended some of our issues, and supported each other, then I see no reason why our community could not accomplish some great things in our area. Here is what some people in our LGBT community had to say:


  1. To me it means the world. I am part of an elite group. Some hate us, some love us, and some really just don't care. But I care. I want our community to stand together. We need unification.
  2.  Family.
  3. Sometimes community, sometimes DRAMA. Same old same, bad bar locations and repetitive shows.
  4. Parkersburg LGBT When I first started had a sense of community behind it and you could go into a bar and socialize with everyone and sadly that seems to be disappearing
  5. Love, Inclusiveness, Acceptance All though with my years of being here, is there any Parkersburg LGBT left?
  6. Unity, community,
  8. Parkersburg LGBT means that the people of the LGBT community in a town can get together in a town or area.
  9. Letting you be who you really are.
  10. It stands for pride and who we are. Means we are free to be who we want to be without fear of persecutionA united bond, something we share. Acceptance, love, equality.
  11. Doesn't mean anything. Everyone acts to shady to come together. The older generation left because they were pushed out. The clubs couldn't stop fighting. The shows were taken over by a few which ran those into the ground. There was only effort to draw a droid in rather gay or not, but most times the gays were left out. Now with no one to run a successful establishment Parkersburg and the surrounding area has withered away with everyone seeking some sort of pride from surrounding cities within a few hours.
  12. Community.
  13. High gay population, low turnout /unity.
  14. Nothing. Does not exist. Joke
  15. Bringing community together and working together on times of needs and showing support to educate others that it's ok to be who we are we are excited here
  16. It's everything I believe in it's who I am it's a sense of expression of my freedom and happiness it gives me a compassion for others and life that makes me appreciate my own self worth
  17. It means overcoming diversity and educating those who aren't familiar with the LGBT community. "One purpose, One Goal~~PRIDE
  18. As it stands not much of anything in WV.
  19. Group of people who don't seem to care who you are or how you associate yourself!
  20. Your heart beats no differently than mine.
  21. I'm all for it
  22. My aunt and many friends
  23. A small community where we can be open and care for one another, and celebrate our unique differences as one.
  24. Family
  25. There isn't much of a scene. There should be places where we can feel like we belong, a sense of community and that we matter.
  26. All gays Trans lesbians and everyone in between getting together and having fun and bringing knowledge to those outside ( and inside) said group
  27. Not a whole lot. I'm not up on the issues. Personally I believe in civil rights. I don't think the majority of people in P-burg even think about the issues unless they have a relative of close friend that experiences discrimination.y. Not necessarily because they are heartless, but because it doesn't affect them. Maybe I'm not your target audience, but I will share your questionnaire.
  28. Community!
  29. It means love, family, all inclusive. No judgements. Just be the best you. Love more hate less, be positive

Parkersburg Gay Bars

When you go out to the gay bar for a night, what things do you like, and look for?

(Morgan’s Thought)When I go out to a club if I am not doing a show that is, there are several things that I look for. I walk in and expect to be greeted at the door with a smile, and a friendly face. I want the atmosphere to feel like I am walking into a club. I like there to be spots that I can talk to people without screaming, and if I want loud music then I will go near the dance floor. I want friendly people smiling, not looking at me like who are you and why are you here? I want a clean bar with clean bathrooms. I don’t want know one walking up to me asking if I do or want drugs. I don’t care what you do but keep it out of the bars and in your cars. I will get into more things as I get into the other questions. Here are your views.

  1. Great music, maybe some dancing, and just an all around good time.
  2. Dancing. Good entertainment. No drama
  3. Good drink prices and a good crowd.
  4. Comradery and union. Lasting friendships and "family" an open, fun and exciting atmosphere, but I also enjoy being able to just be me in the laid back settings. You need a balance of both I think. A warm, inviting openness for freedom to be oneself.
  5. a welcoming and most of all SAFE place to meet friends and be surrounded by other members of the community. Good bartenders with knowledge of drinks and a decent selection of alcohols. A good dj and music you can actually dance to.
  6. The bar sign to say it's a Gay Bar, not an Alternative bar first. We're Queer not Alternative. It's insulting, fuck what people think. Diverse crowds, and dance music. Music is key, Up to date DANCE MUSIC!
  7. People, fun, shows
  8. I look for a place(s) with amazing people and atmosphere
  9. Like minded people
  10. I have not been to a gay bar in a long time. But i like to be welcomed and entertained and treated with respect and dignity
  11. Good shows, great menu options, awesome music, friendly, fun, safe, welcoming atmosphere.
  12. Music, hopefully not rap. If there's a show it should be short unless there is special guest.
  13. Good music, dancing, limited drag shows.
  14. Drag Queens, laughter, sharp decor, drink specials, inclusive atmosphere.
  15. Up to date music, real entertainment, friendly atmosphere, convenient location
  16. I look for how friendly the staff is and how welcome they are
  17. I love the shows everyone you meet are just so awesome
  18. Friendliness, drama free environment, and a fabulous show with great entertainers
  19. For the crowed to be open and friendly. And to hold an adult conversation with someone.
  20. I like that I feel comfortable and I can be myself with no worries.
  21. I go when I have friends out, no asshole looking to fight.
  22. I don't go out much these days, and I'm straight, but I have been to gay bars in the past. The mood was much calmer, more festive, like a party among friends.
  23. I like a bar that does not allow Terry Urban in the door.
  24. I love the shows and every one is awesome and so nice
  25. Drinks and friends
  26. I love to mingle and meet new, exciting people and hear their stories. I look for a night full of fun, good music, and friendly attitudes.
  27. Friends, nice staff, the owner, good drinks and specials. fun music
  28. Something new and different and to always have a good and fun time
  29. I don't usually go to gay bars, or straight bars.
  30. Music, the crowd and whether or not ppl are coming together or just in groups. Shows and entertainment.
  31. I don't go to the bars. Wish there was a place to socialize, music low enough to have a conversation.
  32. I didn't realize parkersburg had gay bars anymore? I used to love them. Music, dancing, laughing. Everyone had fun
  33. I like seeing the shows and being in a welcoming environment.

What things do you not like about going to the gay bar?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) I don’t like dirty bars, people with drugs, unfriendly faces, unfriendly staff, no place to get away from the loud music, and DRAMA! If you find yourself upset because of someone. Then you can let someone know who works there, you can remove yourself from the club, if you feel you have to argue or fight then by all means take it outside away from the other people who are trying to have fun. Try to keep the drama at home. You went out to have fun and have a good time with friends, so have fun. I know most of you mention “clicks,” Well clicks are just groups of friends who hang out at the club. We all have our clicks. You might not like curtain clicks, but it is just part of bar life. We all can’t be close friends with everyone, but remember when you are in your click to at least be friendly to those around you. It is okay to invite people in your clicks as well. Plus remember we are all in the LGBT click together. Here are your thoughts.

  1. Same ole same ole hum drum dry stuff. We need variety.
  2. Drama.
  3. Repetitive shows and location.
  4. Drama! Should not tolerate drugs or fighting in the establishment, period! Patrons should not feel that there is ANY favoritism. Bar staff should be a United front against bullying or belittling or any of the above.
  5. The current bar does not present itself as welcoming and the bar staff is not very great at mixing and consistency
  6. Also, not attached to a Str8 bar where violence could take place, and you don't have to feel like high school lunch line, being stared at when going in. Or harassed, or beaten half to death for being gay. No bachelorette parties! They bring in money yes, but only for 1 night and they are loud, rude, some even end in fights. I agree we need to be open to our queer support through str8 culture, but we don't need to cater to them, this is a queer bar first and foremost. And for that 1 guy/girl visiting for the first time may not come back because of it.
  7. Drama
  8. People who get bad sassy ass attitude when they get overly drunk.
  9. i feel some gays are very judgemental and shame fat or overweight people.
  10. The people have already formed their cliques, usually not a good menu, same shows, same songs, very little amount of shows, with the same performances.
  11. Love gay bars. Just not around the mid Ohio valley.
  12. Drag Shows last too long. Cover charge.
  13. Judgemental/clique style vibe
  14. All the attitudes, cliques, unstable hours, bad location, below par entertainment, shitty music, high priced drinks and cover, unfriendly atmosphere
  15. Drama and the same performers every night
  16. What could or couldn't happen just by going outside to have a cigarette I look over my shoulder at all times
  17. Drama, shows that have no thought put into them
  18. Why why why too many clicks and rude people!!!!!!!
  19. Honestly just the music. I hate remixes of songs and that's mostly what's played I think.
  20. Music so loud you can't talk
  21. I never really had any complaints about the gay bars I attended.
  22. Drag queens.
  23. Never had a complaint about no gay bar
  24. Only been to one
  25. Not enough people come out. I always have fun, no real complaints or dislikes.
  26. Drama, fighting, crappy show
  27. When there aren't very many people there.
  28. How ppl are so divided and have their own little groups that sit and single themselves out. A queen or king that can't sing or dance and doesn't know her music.
  29. Too loud.
  30. Drama, no time for it

What kind of music do you want to hear the DJ playing?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) What kind of music do I want to hear the DJ play? Well I love all kinds of music but I think there should be different times in the evening that different types of music should be played. There are also different nights that you could play different kinds of music for example. On a Friday and Saturday early in the evening are 7pm to 9:30 pm there should be softer regular music playing for the people who just want to come in and have a few drinks after word or to start off their evening. After 9:30 they should begin the dance music. The latest hits as well as somewhere in the evening they should have a half hour if not an hour where the DJ should play an all request hour. I myself am not a fan of rap and I can see it is not well liked in the community, but should we ban it? I think it would be okay if it was played during a request but really it should be dance music. I think we should have a country night at least once a month. Maybe we could have a rap party for if enough people were requesting it. I think there is room to cater to everyone if it was planned. If it was planned then the people would know if that was a night they would want to go out on. I love themed nights like 80’s night, bear night, etc….. Here are your thought….

  1. All types except rap. Not much into rap.
  2. Anything to dance too.
  3. A mix of dance, new and old, anything to lift my ass outta my seat!
  4. I love a good disco beat. It's fun and uplifting. Love my hip hop/r&b sound. Should be a good mix of music all around from the old to the new. But honestly I like all kinds of music lol so I'm probably not giving the best answer here ;) takes a good dj to feel the crowd and play what the majority of the people seem to be jiving with. Shouldn't be about one person or what the dj wants
  5. a mix of hits from everything from the 70's to current and not all the too loud over mixed stuff that's being played now
  6. The latest Dance, Trance, Acid. NO RAP! We don't need to cater to the young crowds every song. Dance music is the leading queer music. Rap only contains hate and language that is meant to offend or belittle a race. It's not music. Music needs to be a mix of new and old, not just old as we've so much in the past. No rock, no country either
  7. Anything current
  8. Not to picky but nothing that can be a boner killer. I like more of a soul/upbeat music
  9. Top hits
  10. All kinds except rap
  11. Club music, hits, pop, r&b, sexy, even some slow numbers. A club should not just be poppin but make lovers connect in a safe open minded environment.
  12. Dance music that gay people like. Not their straight friends or gangster lesbians.
  13. Old dance to new dance
  14. Good dance music but also throwbacks to our culture & LGBT artists.
  15. Up to date CLUB music
  16. Top 40
  17. Anything but country
  18. 80's, 90's and current
  19. I'm open to all kinds music is not the most important thing to me.
  20. Upbeat songs but the original versions of them
  21. A variety of music. Personally I hate country but a song here and there is fine.i always enjoy a good mix of music.
  22. I guess that varies with the individual. I like all music, but of course, you have to have songs that people can dance to. Slow and fast.
  23. Hard rock.
  24. All types
  25. A little bit of everything but some rock
  26. Crowd favorites, or things that get people up and dancing, and in a great mood.
  27. Fun dance music
  28. Anything other than techno, something people can dance to,
  29. New school old school pop rap hip hop and anything with a beat
  30. Things that make you butt wanna do a dance. No repeats lol
  31. A blend!
  32. I like all types. Mix it up from 70's-80's, dance, hiphop, country!!! Make it a big rainbow freaking swirl of goodness!!
  33. A variety of all genres.

What kind of entertainment do you want to see on stage?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) What kind of entertainment do you want to see on stage? As an entertainer myself I want to see a variety of entertainment on stage. Drag Queens have always been a part of the gay clubs, but I want to see drag kings, singers, comedians, stripers, burleque, bands, and just about any talent where someone wants to express themselves on stage. I want the audience to want to come to the club not knowing what to expect when the show begins. I don’t mind seeing some of the same entertainers every week as long as they are doing different numbers and wearing new costumes, but there should be a big name entertain at the beginning of every month, and there should be special guest just about every week if not every week.A good MC would be great as well and can really make a show that much better. Here are some of your thoughts..

  1. Amazing King/Queen, a variety of male dancers, and maybe even some comedy.
  2. Someone fun wild and crazy.
  3. Queens and kings alike, more variety.
  4. I'm up for just about anything as long as it's entertaining and done well. I think when you have performers they should be held to a standard aside from amateur nights. The biggest issue is that any one kind of performance can be played out and become boring. Just mix it up is all. I enjoy drag shows and comedy and love vocals etc.
  5. the drag queens are doing a good job and some of the male performers are decent as well but the shows don't need to go on for extended periods of time they seem to take up the entire evening once they start
  6. Drag is a huge part of queer culture, but not every single night or every weekend. I love our drag locally, but, there needs to be more things happening. Bear nights, drink and drown like the old days nights, dance night with live DJ's, karaoke on Sunday's, open mic on Sunday's. TV's need to be everywhere with Queer as Folk playing or the Logo channel, Drag Race,
  7. Drag, strippers and a dance party
  8. Basically anything eye catching
  9. All ranges
  10. Drag Queens, maybe a LGBT music artist
  11. Different performances, over the top, sexy, funny, risky. Something to draw in the crowd! Not just drag queens or male dancers but something for lesbians also. Special events (yes I have ideas lol)
  12. Short shows unless special guest.
  13. A band.
  14. Drag, live performances /open mic night, karaoke, cocktail hour
  15. Worth while entertainment. New shows. New entertainment. No busted drag or outdated drag. No more repetitive shows
  16. More ginger.... Lol kidding I like to see queens with costumes not something that u can just buy at any store..
  17. Any of the shows
  18. Well seasoned, talented entertainers, wow factor shows
  19. Drag is not drag anymore the time of Amanda love is dead. Drag now is little boys in real girl clothing trying to make money. (There still are some of us who are old school and believe in costumes.)
  20. Hot lesbian strippers are good. Someone who enjoys putting on a show!
  21. Again it varies. Music, entertainment for both genders, contests, etc.
  22. Strippers drag shows
  23. Idc
  24. All kinds, to celebrate the diversity in our community. Male entertainers, drag queens, female entertainers. All of it.
  25. PROFESSIONAL gay comedians, gay singers and bands, drag entertainers, Strippers Karaoke
  26. Professional acting entertainers, some act a bit trashy.
  27. Drag queens for sure
  28. All kinds not just Queens and kings but maybe a comedy show thrown in and some silly skits. Even a drag show that's totally off the charts ridiculous like where all the queens perform together.
  29. Drag, variety of music.
  30. King shows, drag shows, fire and desire if they still perform. Fresh new talents are always good






How many days do you want to see shows?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) I see that most of you like the Friday and Saturday shows. As a performer I do like Friday and Saturday shows because it gives the opportunity for the new performers to perform. I like the idea of new queens that are learning on Friday and the more experienced and headlining queens and other entertainment on Saturdays. I also think that there should be two shows one at 9pm for the early birds and one show at 11pm for the evening crowd. Then the dance floor is all theirs. The bar owners make the shows late because they think people will leave after the show is over. So people need to let the bar owners know that they will stay, drink, and dance. If they had the shows at those times then the shows would not seem so long and you could come at either time to see the show.


One day (Saturday)              28.1%

Two day (Friday & Saturday) 50%

Once a month                        21.9%


What do you want to see behind the bar?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) What do I want to see behind the bar? A real bartender who knows how to make drinks and knows what drink need to be behind the bar. I would like to see a cute male and female behind the bar. I would like to see a bartender who is cheerful, kind, knows how to handle a person who has had too much to drink. You are there to have a good time and drink not to get plastered or get alcohol poisoning. There should be drink specials every night. They need draft and drinks for the non drinking people and DD drivers. They need snacks!! Here are your thoughts….

  1. Drink specials, and personable bar staff.
  2. Draft beer
  3. Good looking classy bartenders making good affordable drinks.
  4. Friendly faces! Excitement! Again comradery not competition. Maybe some short and entertaining dances or just some interaction between bartenders and performers as that United front I mentioned earlier :)Definitely drink specials, but not always the same thing
  5. A better drink selection and for them to be better prepared with everything from cups to proper change
  6. Bears, Cubs, skinny girls/guys, muscle guys, lesbians, I don't mind just as long as they are vast in drink making and are consistent with their product delivery.
  7. A mixture
  8. Variety
  9. A fellow friend
  10. A good choice of drinks and knowledgeable people who know how what you want
  11. Sexy friendly people who treat each customer the same. Bartenders should be friends! More knowledge of drinks also! Plus food! Some good non alcoholic drinks too!
  12. Someone who makes people come in and will talk and make it fun rather if its dead or not.
  13. Professional bartender of both genders.
  14. A friendly bartender, affordable drink prices, free water, interactive/show style drinks
  15. Liquor. Hot NEW bartenders, not the same ones that are pushing 30 that were working at all the other clubs. Guys in shape in hot undies.
  16. Someone who knows how to make drink and that is not rude and when you walk in the door they should greet you and feel like u r special
  17. A nice looking bartender
  18. A smile .
  19. Bud light lime!
  20. Free alcohol!! Male and female bartender. Ones who help everyone and enjoy their jobs. Not some little shit who is there 100% for the tip and only waits on people they think will tip well or they think is hot!
  21. Drinks, snacks, and a friendly face.
  22. Bartender.
  23. Good specials
  24. Whiskey
  25. Alcohol in great variety, and a good bartender.
  26. Smiling faces, fully stocked bar
  27. Real bartenders, real drinks
  28. Alcohol and a smiling bartender that is always in a good mood
  29. Ppl of all sorts but clean and well groomed. Someone with a friendly caring face and that gets along with everyone even on the worst of nights.
  30. Top shelf alcohol at reasonable pricing. Tito's, grey goose, captain morgan's, jameson, peach schnapps, make it fun and do signiture drinks on different nights

What specials would you like to see?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) I am not a drinker, but I do think there should be specials every night as well as a happy hour. I do like boys night, girls night, couples night, bear night, etc...Here are your thoughts….

  1. Jell-O shots $1, $2.50 mixed drinks, $1.50 beers
  2. Cheaper bottles/buckets. Jell-O shots.
  3. Draft night. Girls night, boys night. Karaoke, mixed drink night
  4. Lol it's like you're reading my mind!!!! I think it always helps to have pitcher or bucket specials for certain hours on a regular basis. I'd do maybe shot specials. Certain shots for certain prices for limited amts of time throughout the night. And mix it up. Sounds fun
  5. Drink specials on beer and mixed drinks. Shooter specials. Off the wall, maybe a drink named after the performers, have the queens or strippers make a drink up and name it after them and then make it a special sale drink for that night or any night. That would give the performs a since of pride
  6. Unsure
  7. Something unique and always changing
  8. Drink specials are always nice
  9. One night a month possibly a super special price should be available, like stonewall has penny beers. I rarely drink so specials on other things for non drinkers would be nice!
  10. No cover. (I wish every night could be a no cover, but cover charge is what most bars use to pay drag queens and staff members. So I think it is a good thing if I want to get paid. I do think if you bring a group that you should get a discount.
  11. Boys night! It's always ladies nights in other bars...
  12. Liquor specials. Shot specials.
  13. A 2 for one drink
  14. More entertainment
  15. Any kind of drink specials
  16. Anything that's not 9 dollars a drink.
  17. Wifey doesn't drink and hates paying out the butt for soda. So free coke with alcohol purchase. Or do u mean show wise.. and then I have no idea (Free soda would be great and come out for the entertainment and meeting new people.)
  18. Straight night? lol
  19. Drinks at a good price.
  20. Drink specials food
  21. Buy one drink get one free or other specials
  22. Daily drink specials, and different target events throughout the months. (An example would be holiday themes or music themes, like one night do alternative music, or rave scenes)
  23. No cover before 10, drink and drown. (I do like no cover before 10pm)
  24. Half price margaritas, cosmopolitan, good drinks
  25. Drink specials
  26. Ladies nites and guys nights shoot specials right before a show.
  27. Ladies nights, mens nights or hourly shot specials would all work






If you don't go out to the clubs anymore. Why did you stop going?

(I do miss the old clubs as well. I loved Different Strokes, True Colors, Woodsstar and even the Grand Palace in Charleston. There is always drama at any club you go to. If you go to the same club long enough you are going to see the drama at that club. As long as it is not your drama then try not to worry about everyone else's drama. You're there to have fun with your friends. Make the best of it and let your bar personnel about the disturbance. If they do nothing to fix the problem then that is not a good club to go to. I know couples don’t like to go out, but we need couples there for a example to the your LGBT to see that being a couple in the LGBT is a good and wonderful thing. We need couples night for sure. Here are your thoughts…..

  1. Lack of community participation, and club location and personnel.
  2. It just wasn't fun anymore. No one came out and if people did it was drama. I only got on special occasions
  3. Location, Drama
  4. I don't remember making a choice not to go so much as there was a big falling out in the community when woodstarr closed and things just weren't the same. Personally I'm aware that Rogers is an option, above kokomos, just feels like a fill in or A temporary place to me. In fairness I've never set foot in the place, but truthfully I have no desire to. For one thing I can't really drink at the moment. Another reason is that it's like I stepped away for 2 seconds and I don't know any of these new young people. Lol it's a whole other world. I'm happy with my love :) and my life is simple. Since pulling myself away from the drinking I've also misplaced some of those people, by no fault of their own, and idk I guess I just have matured. This is a tough question. I'm still friends with everyone and see them on rare occasions at house parties. I'd probably go out on occasion of my friends would, but I think it's just become cheaper and easier for them to party at home. And towards the end of woodstarr maybe it's fair to say that I had some drama of my own. But you can't fix everything some people just feed off it. I feel like I've gotten away from a LOT of b.s. but I do miss having a place that felt like my place or out place to see all my friends and have a good time
  5. We stopped because we didn't know there was a gay bar in PKB, until recently. And we don't want to attend another bar attached to a str8 bar, and for fucks sake called Rogers, wtf, who named that bar?
  6. Lack of money or not enough $(I know money is tight, but come out and hang with friends, watch a show, meet new people and I am pushing for free before 10pm.)
  7. There are no good ones
  8. I was fat shamed. I never went again cause of it (If this happened I am so sorry and if I am there let me know and I will take care of that. There is no reason anyone should be shaming anyone for anything.)
  9. I felt out of place. I am socially awkward. I can't make friends and I never had anyone try to make them with me. I just don't fit in. Plus I don't drink and am Too embarrassed to dance. Plus there was rarely any seating. I loved playing pool when that was available though.
  10. I stopped coming to Parkersburg because the young have became to shady. The older friends stopped coming out. To many drag king shows and the same drag queen shows over and over.
  11. Nobody dances.
  12. Lack of venue /interest. Judgement vibe.
  13. The drama. The cliques. The attitudes. The lack of attendance. If you're not in with all those fat lesbians that clique together then you are treated rudely, talked and whispered about. It's a horrible location. Not many people know about Rogers. And they have unstable hours and day of operations. I've heard that people have drove from Athens etc to go out here and once they got here the bar was closed to do lack of attendance. That's shitty and unacceptable. If roger doesn't have the money to stay open then he needs to give it up. It won't last here anyways. Why do we need to hide the gay bars and parades in the woods where nobody can find it??? Bar needs to be downtown.
  14. After the guy got assaulted at the other side I kinda became ify
  15. It's not like it use to be. Everyone going out and having a great time
  16. The people are rude if one person don't like you no one dos. Too many clicks and to much damn DRAMA!!!!!!!!!
  17. Work, friends quit going and our schedules never matched up.
  18. My kids.
  19. Terry Urban was at the bar.
  20. To much drama
  21. Feel weird going even though I'm only 22
  22. I do go, but I typically cling to one's that have better music and a good crowd.
  23. Not really any good bars to go too.
  24. Too loud.
  25. It got old and stale. Same drama different night
  26. No place good to go.




Any other questions or comments?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) Okay here is my thoughts on Roger’s Room above Kokomos. I am glad that we have a place that we can go locally, and for that I do thank Roger, but Roger’s room is not a gay bar in my opinion. We need someone to open up a gay club that is not attached to any other establishments. We need a gay bar that is owned and operated by gay people. A gay bar that looks and feels like a gay bar that you want to go hang out in. I am sending out an S.O.S for someone to open up a gay bar in Parkersburg please. That being said please support Roger’s Room until a club opens up because if he shuts down then we will have no choice but to travel every time you feel like going out. Plus come support your local entertainers. I plan to talk to Rogers Room and see if there are any changes that can be made to help with your experience while at Rogers Room. I can not do anything about the location or those steps. Sorry. Just please support them and me and Lucy will make an appearance here and there, so keep an eye out for us.

  1. The gay bar in Parkersburg right now isn't big enough. Not that a lot of people come anymore but the smoking area might as well be the bathroom. I mean the bathroom is bigger then that area.
  2. I love the idea of having a nice bar to go to..
  3. Lol I feel like my responses were all over the place, but I was really trying to be honest and open. I hope this is helpful.
  4. I don't wanna pay $5 a person to walk into a bar and my group be the only people there
  5. I think we need to form a committee for our communitie. We need to let Parkersburg know we're still here, we need to do fundraisers for gay events, help the homeless, feed the hungry. Show people we're not just the ones in bookstores satisfying their men. ;). We need to show we care and we also deserve to be recognized in this vastly gay populated city. We need to position the mayor to get our welcome diversity signs back for when you enter our city. (I do think that we need to have fundraisers and get more involved with our community,)
  6. I love our community & support every single person who performs. I hope my comments are taken with a open mind. I just wanna see the community come together better, to have a great time for everyone.
  7. Pool tables and a dart board.( Yes every gay bar needs pool tables and dart boards. I love, love love playing pool. I am not sure why Roger’s Room does not have a pool table up stairs. There is one down stairs that I think they should have available while open.)
  8. I think this is a great way to hear from all of the LGBT community in our area.
  9. Nope
  10. I hope this really does help or work in some way .
  11. I honestly love the gay bar. It was the first place that I admitted out loud to a bunch of people besides just my close family and friends that I was a lesbian. After that I wasn't scared to talk about it anymore. That's all thanks to Lucy for putting me on the spot.
  12. I love you! You make me proud! Don't ever stop being you!
  13. Ban Terry Urban from everything.(I know there are a lot of people upset with Terry. We all have our problems, our skeletons in our closets. Should we ban someone just because we don’t like them? Well if everyone got to ban that one person they did not like then it would be an empty bar. Now that being said I have not seen Terry out at Rogers Room and I think he goes out to the straight bars. I am just saying we can’t worry about others or we could never go out and have a good time. If there is a problem just let staff know.)
  14. I want woodstarr back! Or I want a bar to go to that was like true colors and everyone seemed to love that place.
  15. Feel free to contact me with any further input. I would love to help bring back the strong community presence we once had established ***-***-****

Parkersburg LGBT Community


What do you feel could bring the Parkersburg LGBT community together?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) What do I think could bring the LGBT community together? Activities that involve the LGBT community young and old. We need to be involved and make an effort if this is going to work. Actions speak louder than words. Here are your thoughts…


  1. That's a good question. Not really sure. I like many of our community am out of touch with our family.
  2. Meet and greet. For couples and singles.
  3. Something we all can enjoy and be proud of.. For example, True Colors, Woodstarr
  4. Family oriented picnics with competitive games and raffles and such.
  5. a committee of representatives from all areas of our community (bar, performers, patrons, etc.)
  6. A good, strong community focus group. People that are willing and able to do the work needed to run one. We need to hire someone that knows how to fundraise, one that knows how to organize events, one that is connected to the media. We also need to check into starting a PFLAG group too
  7. A safe friendly environment
  8. More events other than the bar scene
  9. Pride event
  10. Diversity, core values and a people first language
  11. Interaction, change up routines, offer something for the ladies, and have more open minded fun.
  12. Someone who knows what they are doing to bring people into a club.
  13. Alcohol.
  14. Some sort of monumental rally. Maybe protesting Donald Trump together? Lol
  15. A stable bar that everyone feels welcome at.
  16. Leaving the past drama in the past and just do more things outside of a bar seen sometimes we should have a show that a family can come and see even if it's once a month
  17. Help the younger generation feel safe to be who they are and not to be afraid to express themselves
  18. I think family friendly shows once a month in a park or public venue like a college
  19. Divine intervention
  20. Events, meetings, FB group.
  21. Ban Terry Urban from everything.
  22. Great I want everyone to be themselves
  23. To realize we are all individually beautiful in our own ways, and all share one common factor-we are different and relish in it.
  24. Communication, a Facebook page
  25. Meetings, luncheons, more group activities.
  26. If ppl would just stop the drama and talk about Shit. But maybe a good bar would do it. Idk really!! Its just sucks big fat donkey sucks that we have nowhere to come together at.
  27. Comradery we just need to join and focus on a cause. Band together to make thing better
  28. More organized events and a central location.
Can you suggest any get activities the LGBT community could participate in?
  1. A pride with games, music, prizes, parade, and good food.
  2. A color run, pride picnic.
  3. Softball team. bowling league. corn hole and pool seem to be pretty popular.
  4. Bowling nights, movie nights, cookouts
  5. I've named them all above, including a gay pride in June event. Maybe a parade too, but first an event to see how we'd be excepted for a parade.
  6. I feel that we need to do nice things for the community to show we are not bad people.
  7. Get together a at the park or events around town
  8. Speed dating or maybe movie nights i am not to good with suggestions
  9. Black light shows with paint, duet numbers, contests, games, cook outs, lots of options far better if I thought on it I'm sure.
  10. Bowling league, city clean-up, educational booths at local events.
  11. Pride parade. Homecoming. Relay for life walks. We need to focus on being involved in the community without it being directly associated to the LGBT community. Instead of wanting our own pride here we need to be involved in other community events and activities.
  12. College shows, shows for the public.. Some people just don't like the bar seen
  13. I think we could hold some benefit shows to raise money for the LGBT community and to continue to have activities and functions for the LGBT community
  14. Stop caring who likes who and and to love yourself for yourself and don't be shady!!!
  15. Just ask. Parades, music festivals, fairs, political campaigns, pageants.
  16. Raise money for humane societies.
  17. A parade or a bikeathon
  18. Pride, benefits, reach out to the community and show that we are good people.
  19. Pizza party, bowling night, movie night
  20. Picnics, home builds with Habitat for humanity, dinners, lunches.
  21. How about a Woodstarr and true colors picnic in the park. We go high and low to drag out all the old ppl and plan a picnic and have it in the fall.
  22. No sure at this time

Would you come to a LGBT meeting?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) Just come to at least one meeting to see if it is for you. The way I would like to see the meeting ran is to have a list of upcoming events and issues that we can discuss and then have people talk and bring up any other things that need discussed and any other ideas. I am sure there are other things in the meeting as well, but I want people to have the freedom to speak their mind. I would also like drinks and snacks.

Yes 90.6%

No 9.4%


Would you vote for committee members?

Yes 87.9%

No 12.1%



Any other questions or comments?

  1. I would come and be involved if able I'm dealing with a lot right now but am always available to phone or video chat if need be.
  2. Community members? Again this would be taken over by a select group. The people that really matter in making the gay clubs/community work would be left out because they wouldn't have "enough" friends vote. Money runs everything. Not an 18 year old everyone wants to sleep with.(This would not happen as long as I was involved. The whole point is for the LGBT community to be involved. I want a variety of people on the community young and old. I want the community to have a person to represent the Lesbeians, Transgender, Bears, Gay men, Someone who is a drag queen, someone who is a lawyer etc… Just a verity of people on the committee. This is not going to be a popularity vote and if you want to make a difference then come be heard.)
  3. LGBT committee members is a joke. It will be one big popularity contest. Get real. This doesn't need to be ran like some city council. If you are going to have a meeting then it needs to be open to everyone within the community.
  4. The last two questions are big ifs.
  5. I think a local committee is needed, I would join.
  6. Contact me if needed at ***-***-****

Parkersburg Pride

If there was a Pride festival and, or events held next year in Parkersburg, would you attend?

(Morgan’s Thoughts)I hope by next pride season that we will have something great planned for everyone.

  1. Yes
  2. Possibly depending on location and date and time
  3. I suppose so, yes. Just don't want it to be a side-show of you will. I attended Columbus pride one year where they actually had men dressed in leather and a contraption on the end of the float that had a sold I strapped to it....mind you this is daytime where people bring their children. I think it's a slap In the face of all that gay people want which is to be acknowledged as normal everyday people who have jobs and families and love just like everyone else. I found it simply fed the stereotypical assumptions of what being gay is all about. Maybe that's just me.
  4. yes
  5. Yes I would, and would bring supportive family with me.
  6. Depends on work and/or school schedule
  7. Yeah
  8. Absolutely
  9. I would def. try my best to, if nothing else to show my support.
  10. Maybe
  11. Possibly.
  12. Yes if a shift happens in our community.
  13. Yes if it's not clear out in the woods hidden away by the airport. Why do we feel the need to hide the parade and festival?? Get a permit and sponsors and have it downtown.
  14. Hell yea
  15. Absolutely
  16. Maybe if done the right way.
  17. Most definitely!!
  18. Yeah.
  19. If my schedule allowed it.
  20. Would bring my whole family and friends to it
  21. Hell yeah
  22. Yes, definitely.
  24. YES
  25. YES!!!
  26. Yes. I would also volunteer to help organize.

What would you like to see at a Pride festival?

Venders                                                                                                                                                        84.8%

Parade                                                                                                                                                          66.7%

Shows which include: drag queens, singers, and other talented people in the gay community 90.9%

Games                                                                                                                                                           75.8%

Pride Speeches                                                                                                                                           72.7%

Security                                                                                                                                                         75.8%

Safe place for children                                                                                                                               69.7%

Other                                                                                                                                                              21.2%

Would you come to a pride meeting?

Yes 87.5%

No 12.5%


Would you like to see a Parkersburg Pride Pageant?

Yes 84.8%

No 15.2%


Any other questions or comments?

  1. What would a pride meeting entail exactly? Or an lgbt meeting for that matter?
  2. Including children in a pride event is awesome and much needed.
  3. No more pageants people just get butt hurt. (With ever pageant people get butt hurt, but they learn from it. If you are ever in a contest and lose yes you are upset at first but it makes you want to try that much hard to go and win. There not always fare, but sometimes you have to pay your dues.)

A Few More Random Questions

Would you be interested in being interviewed on a video for Parkersburg LGBT Community Thoughts?

(Morgan’s Thoughts) I would film at the City Park and at Fort Boreman. I would ask questions and want real honest answers. .

  1. Sure
  2. Sure why not
  3. No.
  4. Maybe
  5. I would consider it
  6. Ummmmmm idk. Depends. I wouldn't want someone editing me to the point that my views were completely twisted. And I think I'd have to have rights to the footage as well as to prevent that. Just want to have a say so if it concerns me regarding what would or wouldn't be usable. So probably not lol bc now I'm being ridiculous and difficult (I would be the one filming and asking the questions. I was not planning on editing anything out. I want true honest answers. I want people to see how the community really feels about everything.)
  7. Unsure
  8. Not really
  9. I'd def be open to that.
  10. Sure :)
  11. No bc I don't think my honesty would be very popular.
  12. Yes
  13. Yes!!
  14. No
  15. No because I'm slightly shy
  16. Nope
  17. Yes i would
  18. Sure
  19. No, thank you.
  20. Maybe
  21. Not sure

Would you be interested in being a member of the Parkersburg LGBT Committee? What position would you be interested in? 

(Morgan’s Thoughts) Being part of the committee everyone would have something that they are in charge of and it is their job to make things happen in their position and have people helping make that happen. There is more to it than that, but I want everyone to have a voice and help out where they can. There will be plenty of positions. Everything can be decided and talked about in our first few meeting which will be right after all the pride week ends in the area are over. Here are your thoughts...

  1. Yes, booking talent, getting community contributions. And maybe a committee member.
  2. I guess I would have to ask what exactly the Parkersburg lgbt committee consisted of. I'm not really sure what would be my obligations, and of my time restrictions as to what I would be able to commit to, unfortunately.
  3. Yes and just a committee member possibly more responsibility as needed
  4. Sure. I'm good at being ideas to the table. Not sure what position that would be
  5. I would like to be involved with events and learning about being/becoming a drag queen
  6. Just a member
  7. Yes, I am not familiar with the positions but I am a very opinionated person with a passion for rights and people!
  8. Yes, not sure. But I'd love to help.
  9. Nope it's going to be one big popularity contest. We are not in high school.
  10. Yes I would any that the group would feel best for me
  11. Yes. I would be interested in any position as long as I can be apart of paving the road for the LGBT community and help make a difference
  12. If done right maybe
  13. Random straight guy who supports human rights and freedoms
  14. Sure and idk
  15. Sure, why not. I'm not sure, I didn't know we had a committee.
  16. Maybe
  17. Yes, PR, party planner, help organize and make things happen.
  18. Yes and any really
  19. no
  20. Maybe and I would run for president I think a lot of people respect me and that I'm drama free and nobody hears me talking about others and such. Lol
  21. Willing To help in any way

Do you have any questions or comments?

  1. I think I've already covered everything lol again..I just hope this was helpful.
  2. Your questionnaire appears to be aimed at the LGBT community. That's fine...but isn't that like "preaching to the choir?"



Up date Jan 2015

Posted by talentedmorganlefay on January 5, 2015 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I just moved back here to my hometown in Parkersburg WV. and all though I am slowly getting things back in order I am still struggling everyday. The first few weeks back I broke my ankle and it slowed me down for about a month. It is still sore but the cast is off and I seem to be walking on it fine. I have taken the G.E.D. and pasted but they call it something else now. I want to go back to school now to further my education even more. I did get my job back doing in home healthcare but I have to wait until some postions open until I can start working full time again. I just put a down payment on some property out near my family in Walker WV but we have to work on the driveway and get some electric before we move on to it. I bought a 20 foot camper to put on the propert until we build later but that is going to be a few years down the road. I had to crush my van for the money to get the camper. I need about 2000 to get back on my feet until I start working full time and catching up on my bills. Things are rough at the moment but I hope things turn around in the next few months. I hate wondering if I am going to eat or have the money to get to work and pay my phone bill. Plus all the other exspences that we have and that may come up. I will try to keep you posted and will blog as often as I can. I have a lot to share if I can just take the time to sit and write it all down.

Christmas Time Blues!

Posted by talentedmorganlefay on December 11, 2012 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (1)

It is that time of the year and I should be happy and having fun and sharing it with friends and family and looking forward to Christmas day but!!! Yes I find it hard during this time of year to be happy. I was born in a pore family and we never had much and most of what we got was from the school or churches. Going Willianstown High School me and my Younger brother would have a packed lunch waiting for us to take home from the school in the last class of the day. There is so much more I could tell you about my child hood but I don't want it to sound like I am putting down my family. I love them very much we just was not fortunate to be born with money and my family is very country. Plus after my mother pasted away when I was 13 things just never seemed the same. I can not remember a good Christmas I ever had. The past few years have been even worse. My friends always get me something and I never have the money to get them anything and they just don't know how bad that makes me feel. I wish for once that I would have even a few extra dollars to get my niece Britney something or even my grandmother who is on oxygen and her place is falling apart. I would not mind getting my dad and step mother something. I would love to get any of my family something or my close friends something but it is not going to happen. I can really see why holidays are so depressing to many and why some people feel the need to do them selves in. Not that I am wanting to go that far. On top of not being able to buy gifts but I have to spend Christmas with out the love of my life. He has flaws but we all do. I just wish for once in my life I could look forward to the holidays instead of dreading them. The only thing good about the holidays is knowing that I have friends and family who care and love me.

Why do people stop going to the Club?

Posted by talentedmorganlefay on November 24, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)


I have often wondered why there are so many gay people in our community and they just don't go out to the club or they just stopped going out. Why is this?


Well I thought of a few reasons.


1. Years ago before there was internet people would go out to cruise the clubs and look for a trick, a date, one night stand and or sometimes even a relationship. People would go out to see who is at the club because we did not have texting or anything to notify us to what was going on at the club. You had to go discover it for your self. Now days you can find all you need to know from a click of a button on a computer screen or your handy smart phone.

2. People go out to the club and they find someone and end up in a relationship and stop going out for one because there is nothing really appealing to the club when you in a relationship unless you want to go to a show or maybe some friends are in from out of town. People get jealous when they think someone is hitting on there partner so they don't go out so they don't have to deal with it.


3. They are getting older and the bar seen is just not for them anymore. They don't drink and party as much and only go out on special occations.


4. They are business type people and don't go to the bars because of there job title or don't want to get caught up in drama and get there name in the paper.


5. The main reason is drama because half the gay community can not figure out what is causing it and the drama never stops. It's he said she said back and forth. You don't know what to believe or who to believe or what side to be on. There are so many clicks and groups that the clubs are so divided. It's enough to make a sane person go insane. On top of the drama people mixing it with drugs and alchole which makes things worse. Makes me wonder why I even go out to the clubs my self. Awe yes is is because of my friends and the need to dress up and strip down in front of everyone. lol Will the drama stop? I dout it but I am not going to feed into it. I just want to go to the club have a good time, see my friends, do my show and go home. Please don't come up to me with all the he said she said stuff or did you hear this or that. Don't come up to me and ask me if I know where drugs are because I don't do drug, I don't drink or smoke anything. I am just there to have a good time and I hope to help you have a good time.

6. I for got money is another reason why people don't hardly go out.


Again comments are welcome.                                                                            Thanks Morgan Lefay

Opinions Are like Assholes!!!!!

Posted by talentedmorganlefay on November 24, 2012 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Yes I want to take the time and write my opinions on opinions. Now remember this is my opinion. lol

I have been noticing on Facebook how people are getting so offend by what people post on there Facebook . What is with you people? When was is a bad thing to express your self on how you feel about things. I have never seen so much immature people since i was in high school. Okay let me give you a few examples.


If I went to a club watched a show but I did not enjoy it, so I went home and posted on my Facebook that I did not enjoy the show well that is an opinion. Some other people might have loved it and some people might have hated it. But why would you attack someone for saying that they did not like something. Next week they might have came back to the bar and loved the show then went home and posted it.


As a performer I know that not everyone is going to like every song that I do or what I am wearing but I am not going to jump down someones throat just because they did not like it or me.


Now lets say you go to a club and you did not care for the club and you went home and posted on Facebook that you did not like the club and gave the reasons why. Well again that is your opinion and you are aloud to have it. Just as much as someone is aloud to go home and write good things about the club.


Now I ask you does this give the right to the bar owner to bar you from his club because you did not like something about the club?????


To me that is like someone saying they hate our government and posting it and then the government comes to your house and sends you packing to another country because they did not like you post.


When was it against the law to post your opinion?


Can I not post that I hate Lobster because all you lobster lovers will condemned me and send me hate mail.


If you don't like what people have to say then Facebook is probably not the place for you or you will be going threw life with lots of disappointments and you may as well delete everyone off your Facebook because at one time or another they are going to post something that you don't agree with.


The truth sometimes hurts but would you want you doctor to lie to you? No you take things with a grain of salt and move on.


I don't mean to offend or piss anyone off with my blogs or post. These are just my views and opinions on topics. That's why I ask you to comment on them so I can hear your side of things good or bad.

Lets talk about friends.

Posted by talentedmorganlefay on November 24, 2012 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)


I wanted to take a minute to talk about friends and what my friends mean to me. I also want to talk about the difference between close friends, best friends, bar friends,internet friends, friends in general and fake friends.


I have many friends but I want to first talk about my best friends. I thought for a long time that you could only have one best friend in your life but I come to discover that there are a few people in my life that fall into this category.


Best Friends: My number one best friend I have known for 19 years and her name is Nickie O'brian Lowther. I have been through so much with her and would trust her with my life. She always has my back and I would go to jail if it meant saving her life. If she needs me all she has to do is call and I will be there. I wish we could talk more but she moved to Florida with her new man and I miss her dearly. She is more then my best friend she is my sister.


Then there is Karen Richter who I respect so much. I am determined to find her someone to date because she deserves the best. She is one of the most honest and trust worthy person I know. If there is a zombie out break I am headed to her house after all she is a Marine. She has helps me out so much and I look up to her and I am so glad she came into my life. She is probably one of the best mothers I have ever known and the prof is in her children. Just meet them and you will see what i am talking about.

   Then there is Craig Naylar who I have been friends with since I was 17. This man has been there for me and my brothers anytime we needed a place to stay or food to eat. This man is so honest its not even funny. If I was hiding from the cops in his place and they asked if I was there he would tell them yes because he just does not have it in him to lie. He is a great handyman and can fix anything. He has worked for just about every bar ind club in the area and a lot of the restaurants fixing machines and anything electronic. He does electric, plumbing, building and computers. He loves animals and you will hardly ever see him with out his dog "Shorty".


Lastly I can not forget about my love Brandon Bennett. He is my best friend as well and I can tell him anything. After all who better to spend the rest of your life with then your best friend.


These people I trust with everything. I would give them a key to my house and never have to worry about nothing coming up missing. They can walk in my home and never have to knock on the door.They all have a very opinionated and strong willed people. They are not yes men because they will all be the first to tell me that I am wrong but they will help me to make it a right. They are all animal lovers and would rather go to jail if it meant stopping an animal from being abused. They are all honest and great people and would help anyone in need. None of them do drugs and almost none of them drink. These are my best friends and anyone would be lucky to have them on there side.

High lighting a few friends:



Lucy Lipps (Jacob) :When I first started going out to the clubs when I was 18 I met Jacob and hung out a few times at Jimmy Sims house. I did not know him very well and then the night I decided to do a drag show for the first time Lucy Lipps was born and we did our first show together. It has been so long ago I don't remember to much about it just Lucy's Hair. Dam I wish I knew where those pictures were. lol Well over the years me and Lucy would run across each other and work at the same clubs in town. Different Strokes, True Colors, Genders, Utopia, WoodStarr and now the Other Side. Over the years we really did not hang out and we really did not know each other that well and sometimes I just felt like the outcast . I can't remember Lucy ever being mean to me and Lucy seemed to stay out of the drama as much as possible. There were times when I worked for Amanda and she would put things into my head to try and get me to but heads with Lucy but I knew Amanda liked to stir up drama. But there were a few times I was jealous of Lucy but at the same time I looked up to her so much. I was shy and and soft spoken and Lucy could get on the mic and talk for days. Now days I feel like Lucy is my sister and I would do anything for her. We have over come many things and survived Amanda and I just love working with Lucy. I respect her so much and look forward to many years sharing the stage with no other person then my sis. I love Lucy Lipps.

Fake friends

Bar Friends: Bar friends are friends that you know from going and hanging out at the bars and clubs. You see them there and you hang out and talk and have fun but you don't really hang out with them outside of the bar. You might see them out and ask how they are doing then ask them if they are going to be out that week end but other then that it is a bar relationship. Sometime a bar friend can turn into a regular or close friend but for the most part the bar is where you will see them. Don't get me wrong I love seeing and hanging out with my bar friends and look forward to seeing them and catching up on the latest fling I mean relationship and gossip..



Close Friends: Close friends are a circle of friends that you hang around and they will come over to your house and hang out sometimes or you might go running around with them and shop or go eat.


General Friends: General friends are friends you know that you run into now and then and say hello. You might know them from a place you shop at a lot or friends of the family. You may not know much about them but you like them.


Internet Friends: Internet friends are people you have never met but are friend on the internet like chat rooms, Facebook and other places you communicate with people online. Just don't give out your personal information or phone number. Dam stokers.


Fake Friends: Fake friends and we all have them. These friends act like your friend to gain something like information or they benefit from being your friend somehow. They will use you until they are done then you will not hear from them until they need something again. Beware of these friends and if you know they are that type of person and you still want to be friends at least be aware that this is the type of person that they are. Fake friends will be the first to spread your business to random people and they love to stir up drama. Beware of FAKE FRIENDS!!!



If you are interested what I think of you just give me your name and I will add you to my list. Please add comments good or bad. I would love to hear from you. 

What is happening to Drag?

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I just wanted to take a minute and discuss what ever happened to drag. Years ago being a drag queen was respected and people used to flood around the stage and throw tips at people. When I first started doing drag the queens actually were wearing costumes, eye lashes, big hair, big jewelry and make-up for days. Everyone had there own style but you knew they were all show girls and performers. When the show would start you would wait to see what the queens were going to walk out on stage wearing. It was almost like a fashion show. There was thought into what they were wearing and what they were going to perform. It was a job yet it was fun and beautiful. I miss those days so very much.


Now days you have these new queens coming out and they go grab something off the store rack and call it a costume. When to me it is nothing more then a walk around outfit. None of these girls make anything. I had to make everything from day one and I could not wait to wear it to show everyone. If a queen could not make there own stuff they would have someone make it for them. These new girls hardly even wear make up. You can still look fishy(real girl) even with make up on. I don't know if they are painting in the wrong light or what but as soon as the light hits thier face on stage it looks like they are not wearing any make up. I can't believe how many of the girls don't even wear eyelashes. These queens think it is all about looking real. I am a transsexual and I can go out on stage and look as real as I want. But I go out there in my costumes, lots of make up, lashes, hair done and I want to look like I am putting on a show for the crowd.


Look at all the seasoned queens who have been in the business for  years and look at the costums and there look. Look at the girls who are traveling and going places and see there costumeing and showmenship. For example look at RuPauls's Drag Race.These queens have figured out what it takes to stay in the game. There is a difference in a 2 dollar dress you bought off the shelf and a 2 dollar piece of fabric you made into something fabulous.


On top of everything else what is with these newbie queens who think they should be getting paid top dollar for there shows. Back in the day you had to earn a spot and perform many shows for free and pay your dues and then when you did get paid after a few years then it was 25 dollars if you were lucky. These new queens don't even know how lucky they are to be getting paid and they have been doing drag under a year. They don't seem to have any respect for the older girls who paved there way so they could be doing what there doing. I have heard them say that the clubs need to get ride of the old girls that the clubs have seen for years and just have the new ones. This up sets me and shows so much disrespect but you may have noticed it is the older queens who bring in the crowd.


Well I am done ranting and I hope it does not piss anyone off. These are just my thoughts on the subject and I welcome your comments good or bad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thanks Morgan

Sorry I have to add to this but I don't understand why some of the owners or the people who book in the entertainers, book some of these girls. I understand if they have not seen them perform yet but after they seen these queens show and it was really bad why can they not be able to give them some advise to improve there show instead of bringing them in week after week looking like a hot mess. Then they wonder why people don't want to come in to watch the shows.  I don't get these new girls either who get pissed when you try to help them out so they don't go out on stage looking like they do. I did not learn what I know over night and I am still learning but I never got pissed when someone said to try something different or add more black to your eye shadow. I guess I did not have that" I am a diva "attitude when I first started. The things we say are to help, improve and then you will take what you want from each thing you learn and make it your own. 

okay, okay I think I am done now. lol

Fired From Wal-Mart!

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Well it is September 25th 2012. It has been almost a month since I was fired from Wal-MArt store number 1782, I started working at Wal-Mart in August of 2011 and I started out in the shoe department. It was ok but I wanted more and I wanted to learn. I don't know how things are run at other Wal-Mart but at this store they sort of throw you into your job blind. You learn as you go or you got to find someone to teach you. They give you a few basics and thats it. Well I went looking for the help I needed and asked questions and started leanrning more and more and they noticed that I wanted to move up. I learned Jewlery counter, clothing apparal, front register, crafts, fabric just in the first few months there. Then they asked me if I wanted to do a back room project with 3 other people and I agreed. So we spent a little over 12 weeks going threw every bit of out inventory and moving it all around and working it in every department as we went alone. I learned so much and how the whole back room worked. I could do just about anything on the telezon. After doing that project I know something about every department in the store and loved everything I was learning. At the end of the project they asked me if I wanted to work in the photo lab because a spot was open. I said yes because for one it was a pay raise and for 2 I worked in the photo lab during Christmas and had to do layaway. So I learned how the photo lab was ran and what I did not know my friend Tanda showed me everything else.During my time in photo lab I was asked if I wanted to be a CSM Costumer Service Manager and I said yes. So I was job coded and trained and I was a CSM and a photo lab specialist.  Threw out my time there I met so, so, so many wonderful people there and I miss them so much. I have yet to step one foot back into that Wal-mart since I was fired. So this brings me to the day I got fired. I came into work like I did everyday and clocked in and worked about 2 hours. Then I was called into the office by Heather our Co. manager. I walk in and there is a chair sitting there and our security guy Randy and some lady I saw here before but was not sure who she was. She ended up being the security lady from southside Wal-mart. Well Heather left me in the room with just them and Randy asked me to have a seat . So I did. He asked me how I liked working here at Wal-mart and I spilled my guts to him about how much I loved working there and it has changed so much in my life and told them about my past and how I grew up and never thought I would have this chance to move up in a place like this. Well after about a half hour of me talking he then says let me tell you a little bit of what I do here. So it started telling me about the security end of his job and all kinds of stuff and I finally stopped him and said that I know something is up and I was not a child and to stop beating around the bush. Well he opens a file and starts asking about things and I will go threw them with you. The first thing was pictures. They said I gave a discount to a friend on pictures and it looked to them from a picture from a camera to be about 200 pictures and that they checked and I only charged them for 50 pictures. Well I remember that day and the machines messed up like they normally do and my friend and another costumer was there and they waiting about 3 hours for there orders to finish because I had to replace a part in the machine. Well I gave my friend and the lady a discount and a lot of the times we give people pictures for free when that happenes. Well they said Wal-mart lost about 42 dollars from that. Then they said that I gave that same friend a discount on a blue tooth head set. Well this was something that happened 3 weeks in between the pictures and it was the only two times I ever checked my friend out. She came over with the head set and wanted to get it and I rang it up and it was 49.99 and she said no it was over there for 29.99. Well she pointed to were it was and it was proably on the wrong shelf but Wal-Marts policy says if it is under that price then that is the price we give it to them for. So thats what I did and did not think at all that I was doing anything wrong. Well they said Wal-Mart lost 20.00 dollars from that. Then they tried to say that I walked out of the store with a 11x14 picture with out paying for it. Well I told them to look father back that day and look for my costumer friend Pam who is in there all the time and they will see that she paid for that print and gave it to me because I like that pic and she gave pictures to me all the time and I even printed out and paid for pics and gave her pics all the time as well. I even bought a frame for it at the self checkout on my way out. Why would I go threw a line and get something if I was taking the picture without paying? Anyway they had me fill out a paper about everything then as soon as I was done they brought Heather back in to tell me I was fired. She said I needed a managers aproval for all the stuff I discounted and you can ask any Wal-Mart employee and they will say that is a lie. If you need a managers approvel the computer will tell you and not let you do the transaction. She said it is in our CBL's and I said I never saw it and she said it is there. I told her it should be required then and not left up to us to find it. Well after that they brought in a cop and had him read me my rights and he said I was not arested but if they need to they could get a warnt later because the security guy said it was 62.00 that Wal-mart lost.  Well I left that room and went and told Tanda what happened almost in tears then went and told a few other friends and then left. It has been almost a month and it hurts so bad because I loved my job. I was great at it and they lost one hell of a worker. They sent me a letter a few days after I was fired and called it an exit enterview and it said I was fired for giving discounts to my friends and walking out with free pictures. Both bullshit because the pictures were paid for and I was in every right to give the discount that I did. I was not even close friends with these people until after all this happened because of what happened.  Anyway Thanks for reading and don't mind the spelling mistakes. 

Winter Has Come

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Winter Has Come


Curled In a blanket,


Snuggled in a ball,


Winter has come for us all,


Light a match,


Spark up a fire,


Let’s watch the flames dance and inspire,


Frost on the windows,


Snow all around,


Watch as it falls gently to the ground,


Listen to the wind blow,


Whistling through the trees,


Someone hold me please,


Cold but we’ll stay warm,


Curled in our blankets,


Snuggled in a ball,


For we know winter has come for us all.

By: Morgan Lefay

Body Art

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Body Art

The art of the body,

The nakedness in which we all face from time to time,

The flesh that protects us but can bleed from a tinny pin prick,

The shapes that seem to flow from the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes,

The colors which seems to change with every generation,

The parts that we seek to please and yet can give life,

The softness and hardness which each seems to drive us wild,

The strength for which we use to get through this world we call earth,

The mind which you control yet some let it control you.

By: Morgan Lefay