Morgan Lefay

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Entertainment History

       I ended up moving into Parkersburg WV when I was 17.  I moved in with a friend.  Me, my brother, and a casual friend from high school used to go down by the local gay bar (Different Strokes) and sit outside and watch the people come and go.  We were not old enough to go inside yet.  While we were outside one night I met someone that would change my life.  Amanda Love.  

It flipped me out, because there was someone who felt the same way I did inside and up until that point, I didn’t know that you could do anything about changing your sex. During Halloween every year from the time I was 8, I dressed up as some female character.  But this was different.  Well not long after that I was able to go inside.  I met a few people and ended up getting talked into doing a show.  Amanda did my make-up for my first show (Lol).  I hope no one ever sees those pictures.  

So I did my first show the same night that Lucy Lipps started.  I worked consistently at Different Strokes and continued there after they moved to Vienna and changed the name of the club to True Colors.  I was Ms. Gay Pride of Parkersburg 1998 and 2001.  I have done shows at Genders, when they were in Parkersburg and back and forth to True Colors including all the changes that they went through.  Well I have done shows now in bars in Charleston (Broadway, Trax and Grand Palace) and shows in Huntington (Polo and Driftwood.)

I have even done a show in Pitts Pa. at the Eagles.  I won Ms. Virgo at the Trax club in Charleston WV.  I was on the cast at Club Utopia in Parkersburg, (Amanda's Club).  I worked at Club WoodStarr from 2009 until they closed there doors in April 2011. In 2010 I won Ms WV Queer News 2010-2011. I worked at a club in Parkersburg called Scruples for about 2 months May till the end of June 2011. I was bar manager and decided to leave there because I was not aloud to do my job properly. Then I started working at a club in Parkersburg called the Otherside which is connected to the Nip N Que pool hall. I slowed down on the shows for awhile because I was working at Wal-mart. After I stopped working at Wal-mart I went back to doing shows  at Scruples for a while until they closed there doors the first week end of November 2012 . I was working at The Other Side Night Club in Parkersburg WV until June 17th 2014 when I moved down to Holiday Florida and started working at the Cribari Club in New Port Ritchey. I loved it and miss everyone there. I was there about 3 months and then October 1st 2014 I went on the road across America. I stopped in New Orleans LA and watched a show at the OZ Club. They pulled me out of the crowed, and asked me if I wanted to do a number in the second part of the show. Well I said yes, and ran to our van got my stuff got to perform at OZ. It was great, and they said I could come back whenever I was back in the area. When I got back to Parkersburg the Other Side Night Club had shut its doors. For a short time there was no gay club in Parkersburg. In 2015 I did not have a place to call home. So I performed where I could. I had done a show at Visa Versa in Morgantown, several shows at Another World in Wheeling and finally a club opened in Parkersburg at Kokomos called Roger's Room. Where I performed a few times. Until a restaurant called Sunrise began having shows and I did a few shows there as well. I finally moved to New Orleans area in August of 2017 where I have performed at The GrandPre club and then The Four Seasons Club. I have a few other places that I am hoping to grace the stage soon and after turning 40 I still love performing. 

I also worked at Aubrio's in Athens along with a benefit for the battered woman's shelter all in illusions of characters like Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Annie Lennox, Katy Perry, and Jessie J. Halloween I worked in Marietta Ohio at the Marietta Ohio Zombie Walk as Elvira Mistress of the Dark.  Every Halloween look for me somewhere as Elvira. I also welcome the chance to work at any state wide bar in the area.

I had many entertains inspire me growing up my drag mother Amanda Love who Passed away in 2014, and Coti Collins who I know, love and performed with many times. Michelle St James in Charleston Wv, Jennifer Warner, Veronica Lake , Lucy Lipps and so many big names in the business but I have worked with these girls, and have learned so much from them all.

Bar and Clubs I have graced the stage at.

Different stroke - Parkersburg WV, 

True Colors - Parkersburg WV, 

Genders - Parkersburg WV,

 Grand Palace -Charleston WV, 

Trax - Charleston WV,

 Broadway - Charleston WV, 

Polo - Huntinton WV, 

Driftwood - Huntington WV,

 Utopia - Parkersburg WV,

 Vise Versa - Morgantown WV,

 Eagles - Pittsburgh PA, 

 The Link - Pittsburg PA,

 Woodstar - Parkersburg WV,

 Scrupples, Parkersburg WV, 

Wild Coyote - Wheeling WV,

 The Otherside - Parkersburg WV, 

The Cribari Club - New Port Richey Florida, 

OZ - New Orleans LA.

 Another World - Wheeling WV

Roger's Room - Parkersburg WV

Sunrise Restaurant - Parkersburg WV

Grand Pre - New Orleans, LA

The Four Season - LA

Two other bars in wv that I can not remember the names because they are closed now.