Morgan Lefay

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Morgan's other talents

Morgan's Other Talents


Sewing - I have been sewing for years. Thanks to my grandma and aunt. I can make anything from drapes to costumes. If you come to show, almost anything you see me wear, I have made. I make costumes for a lot of entertainers in the business. I have made costumes for the Parkersburg actors guild and if you have seen them do Alice in Wonderland then you have seen some of my work grace the stage. 

Uphosteryl - I have learned to pick up old used furniture and reupholster it and I got pretty good at it. While in beauty school, I upholstered furniture for them for the duration of my schooling. Then I started doing it for friends and family, it is something I enjoy doing on the side.

Remodeling - Growing up, my dad was a carpenter and if we wanted our own bedroom. We had to build it, so he would teach us. I have learnt many skills and everywhere I have moved, I have fixed the places up. In 2004, I bought my first house and gutted every room and remodeled them from floor to ceiling including the electricity and the windows. I also remodeled the kitchen and bathroom. 

Now, I am on my second home, its a 1910 Victorian Duplex. I am currently remodeling every room slowly but surely. It keeps me extremely busy but I love the ol' girl.

Landscaping - I started lanscaping when I was in Florida and it helped pay my way through scouts. Now every place I move to, I have to do something to the yard. I have not yet started working on the yard yet but this summer I can not wait to start ripping up the grass.

Artistic minded - In my sparetime, I enjoy writing poetry and stories. I also enjoy drawing, photography, and creating music mixes for my shows.

Hair and Make-up - I have been doing hair and make up for years. I got into it even more when I started doing shows. In 2001 I graduated beauty school. I don't know how much hair and make up I have done over the years but I can say I am pretty good at it.